Cactus grafting - propagation meets creativity

This month we are celebrating the grafted cactus. For years I have been pretty obsessed with the whole process and the resulting unusual and unique creations grafting can produce. So this month I will be running a workshop and releasing some special grafts for sale.

A mammoth grafted cactus collection I discovered in Belgium

A mammoth grafted cactus collection I discovered in Belgium

Many people are unaware of the art of cactus grafting. Seeing and even purchasing a grafted cacti thinking they naturally grew that way. You can usually tell because there will be a fusion point were two different succulents meet as shown below. And usually (but not always) the top cactus (the scion) is brightly coloured.

A grafted Euphorbia lactea

A grafted Euphorbia lactea

Grafting has been used in horticulture for thousands of years starting in fruit trees. It was a propagation technique used to help grow trees and plants that were difficult to grow from seed. It was then extended for more aesthetic reasons. In Japan in the 1950s this technique was made commercially popular to produce brightly coloured cacti nicknamed the moon cactus, and many cactus collectors have gone on to use this technique to combine many different succulents and create some incredible, strange and beautiful results. Its like creating your own Frankenstein plant.

Blog-cactus grafts.png

Over the years I have been in awe of the out comes and the process in which to create my own. And this month I will be will share my knowledge and spread the love for these amazing creations.

Its just another reason to love succulents even MORE!

Great creative and make your own at our cactus grafting workshop

While cactus hunting in Belgium I found a private collector who was a master grafter and was lucky to purchase some of his collection. We will be releasing this limited collection of 16 grafted cacti for sale this week paired up in a Jess Jos hand made Raku pot. Raku ware is a type of Japanese pottery dating back to the 16th century so it felt like a great match for our incredible grafts as cactus grafts were made popular in Japan. These beautiful pots are characterised by a beautiful crackle glaze which make each pot as individual as the grafting cacti the house.

There is just ONE of each grafted cactus and they will be released for sale daily on our website.

Check out our instagram account where each will be showcased daily.

And happy grafting!

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