London’s first cactus shop

Prick is London's first boutique dedicated to cacti and other succulents. Based in Dalston, east London, it offers a selection of the most unusual and exotic plants sourced from across the UK and Europe. Prick sees cacti and succulents as living sculptures that take years to fully develop. Store founder Gynelle Leon explains, “They are a beautiful and sustainable way to transform any interior. Due to their low maintenance and hardy nature, they’re well suited to modern city living.”.

Every great plant deserves an equally great pot. With art and design being a strong focus of the brand, Prick have designed their own small contemporary terracotta pots, dubbed ‘Prick Pots’, created to perfectly fit their plants.The store will also selects pieces crafted by local artists to build a growing showcase of handmade ceramic pots, making it possible to come to the store and purchase a complete package that will complement any modern interior.

A succulent plant has the potential to live for many years, sometimes even outliving its owners. Investing in plants is like gaining new flatmates or family members; a break away from our modern disposable culture. Prick offers an array of sizes – from large statement pieces to plants that are small enough for a windowsill – so there is something to suit any space.

Our Journey

Prick is the brainchild of Gynelle Leon, an award-winning photographer with a unique career background that includes a forensic science MSc as well as careers in finance and fraud prevention (while always simultaneously working on art and design projects). As Gynelle’s passion for plant life began to take over, she decided to train and took up part-time work in a floristry to learn the trade. This is Gynelle’s first solo business venture, and she hopes to encourage a plant revolution by educating the masses about the benefits of living with plants, as well as sharing knowledge on how to keep them alive.

Her interest in cacti started when she visited Yves Saint Laurent’s Jardin Majorelle in Marrakesh in 2011. When she started collecting unusual and particularly large cacti and succulents, her passion grew due to her admiration for their geometric forms – and, also, their ability to outlast her relationships! As a keen traveller and city dweller without any outdoor space, succulents were a great way for Gynelle to bring the green inside and not have to worry about them every time she went away. However, it was really difficult to find places to buy the unusual and rare plants she loved, so she decided to open the kind of shop she wished existed.

To do this, she packed in her corporate job, sold her flat and went traveling around the world to observe plants in their natural habitats, as well as journeying across the UK to visit nurseries and experts. She became a member of the British Cactus and Succulent Society, and loves being in a community of other enthusiasts who provide a great source of knowledge.

The shop is a stark contrast to conventional garden shops or florists: Prick makes shopping for plants as enjoyable as shopping for clothes. The plants are well cared for, top quality specimens, stored in Gynelle’s greenhouse and all re-potted before being sold to ensure they are healthy and well. The shop will also be a place to hang out, admire and enjoy the beauty of some very rare and mature cacti and succulent plants with a growing assortment of plant-related literature, accessories and drinks on offer as time goes on. Prick will be the definitive place for your cactus and succulent needs.

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